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2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors

1907 Society Members ($1,000 - $2,499)

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Number in parentheses after the name indicates consecutive years of giving $100 or more, based on the Foundation's fiscal year of July 1 to June 30.

♦ Denotes Deltasig For Life Donor * Denotes deceased

Jennifer R. Aichele (14)
Cal State-Sacramento
Gus L. Allen (2)
Western Kentucky
Timothy J. and Rana C. Augustine (11)
Kent State (OH) (both)
Adrian R. Avalos (8)
Cal Poly-Pomona
Gail P. Baumer (7)
Buffalo (NY)
Leonard A. Bedell (11)
Texas A&M-Kingsville
Patrick A. Bonfrisco (13)
Cal State-Fullerton
Shane T. and Sylvia Borden (14)
Central Florida/Atlanta
Charles F. Brandon
Florida Atlantic
Jeffrey C. and Judith J. Briggs (10)
Miami-Ohio/South Dakota
Charles and Lisa Brown (16)
San Diego/Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
Russell E. and Sally H. Brown (45)
Arizona State/Deltasig Friend
Cheryl Renee Campbell (2)
Cincinnati Alumni
Evelyn Carter (7)
Deltasig Friend
Larry W. Carter (5)
Florida Southern
Tony and Karen S. Coe (5)
Cal Poly-Pomona/Texas-San Antonio
Daniel J. Collins (13)
Frank B. DePeralta (4)
San Diego State
Meiko L. Dukes (4)
South Florida-Tampa
Tammy A. Gagne
Truman State (MO)
Jillian E. Gartner (4)
Drake (IA)
Darrell G. Gilmore
Becky A. Gradl (16)
Valparaiso (IN)
Shanda R. Gray (24)
Missouri State
Shawn and Jeanne K. Gregory (26)
Tampa (FL) (both)
Dean R. Haave*
Thomas Haliburton (4)
Western Kentucky
Gerald E. and Amy Hotwagner (15)
Oklahoma State/Deltasig Friend
Kathleen M. Jahnke (27)
Northern Illinois
Robert G. Johnson
Penn State-State College
Brian K. Judd (7)
San Francisco State
Robert J. Kamerschen (11)
Darin D. Katzberg (17)
Marlow B. Kee (3)
Robert L. Kemp (13)
Marquette (WI)
Aimee S. King (6)
Colorado-Colorado Springs
Erica J. Kolsrud (2)
Norman Kromberg (28)
Peter J. LaCava (18)
Bentley (MA)
Jeremy Levine (9)
Albion (MI)
Elizabeth M. Losik (25)
Baker (KS)
Michael R. Mallonee and R. Benjamin Collum, Jr. (34)
Henry Keith and Kristen Bray McDaniel (16)
Missouri-Kansas City/Central Missouri
William H. McGowan (14)
Cal State-Sacramento
Cameron W. and Cindy Collum McSpadden (4)
Angelo State (TX)/Texas-Arlington
Laurence J. Mroz (12)
Penn State-Erie
North Central Province (3)
Sheila A. Oetker (21)
Truman State (MO)
Corey D. and Suzie Polton (19)
Cal State-Fullerton/Minnesota State
Christopher A. Prezioso (6)
DePaul (IL)
Larry Van Quathem (16)
Monica J. Ramey (6)
Ohio Dominican
Chris E. Robinett (28)
Jodi L. Schoh (10)
Winona State (MN)
Teresa L. Schudrowitz (23)
St. Ambrose (IA)
Luke Shanks (2)
North Texas
W. Michael and Debra T. Sinclair (5)
South Florida-Tampa (both)
Emily Slone (2)
Lindenwood (MO)
Southern Province (9)
Space City Houston Alumni Chapter (3)
Eddie E. Stephens and Jacqueline Stephens (24)
Miami-Florida/Florida Atlantic
Daniel L. Tracy (2)
Truman State (MO)
Joseph T. and Kimberly A. Ward (21)
Lewis (IL) (both)
Tyler C. and Kellsey Wash (2)
Chicago/Deltasig Friend