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2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors

Trustee Society Members ($5,000 - $9,999)

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Number in parentheses after the name indicates consecutive years of giving $100 or more, based on the Foundation's fiscal year of July 1 to June 30.

♦ Denotes Deltasig For Life Donor 

Sean T. and Andrea Fridly Boyd (6)
George Mason (VA)/California-Riverside
Marc H. Cohen (10)
Jefferson-East Falls (PA)
Mitchell A. Epstein
Claude H. Grizzard (31)
Florida State
Ruben C. Johnston (9)
Nevada-Las Vegas
Stacy Jordan (23)
Georgia Southern
Katie I. Magoon (16)
Eastern Illinois
Mark A. and Claire Sammon Roberts (29)
San Francisco/San Francisco State
William C. and Sherry L. Schilling (25)
Nebraska-Lincoln/Cincinnati Alumni
Michael A. Vitale (5)
Rider (NJ)
Mark R. Wernette (5)
Midwestern State (TX)