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* Denotes deceasedCurrent as of Jul 18 2019

Jennifer R. Aichele
Cal State-Sacramento
Peter G. Bjelan
DePaul (IL)
Sean T. and Andrea Fridly Boyd
George Mason (VA)/California-Riverside
Russell E. and Sally H. Brown
Arizona State/Deltasig Friend
J. Barrett and Kimberly W. Carter
Georgia State/Clemson (SC)
Mark A. and Michelle L. Chiacchiari
Pennsylvania/Boston Alumni
Marc H. and Anne Pirkle* Cohen
Jefferson-East Falls (PA)/Georgia College and State
Mitchell A. Epstein
Timothy D. Gover
Southern Methodist (TX)
E. Robert Hautzenroeder
Gerald E. and Amy Hotwagner
Oklahoma State/Deltasig Friend
Kathleen M. Jahnke
Northern Illinois
Stacy Jordan
Georgia Southern
Kyle E. Junk
Penn State-Erie
Gregory J. Koch*
Missouri State
Lincoln/Greater Nebraska Alumni Chapter
Joseph M. Mayne
St. Cloud State (MN)
North Central Province
James F. Pendergrass
Southern Mississippi
Mrs. Daniel E. Plaster*, wife of Brother Plaster*
Georgia State
Kevin W. and Kelly J. Rabin
Seattle-Pacific/Drake (IA)
Chris E. Robinett
Mitchell B. and Velvet A. Simmons
Southern Mississippi/Louisiana-Monroe
Richard A. "Nick" Steinkrauss*
Suffolk (MA)
William W. Tatum, Jr.
Southern Mississippi
Brandon D. and Mollie M. Trease
Wayne State-Nebraska (both)
Lester J. White*
New York