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2018-2019 Honor Roll of Donors

Crown & Delta Society Members ($2,500 - $4,999)

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Number in parentheses after the name indicates consecutive years of giving $100 or more, based on the Foundation's fiscal year of July 1 to June 30.

♦ Denotes Deltasig For Life Donor 

Peter G. Bjelan (22)
DePaul (IL)
John R. Campbell
Mark A. and Michelle L. Chiacchiari (23)
Pennsylvania/Boston Alumni
Delta Epsilon Chapter (3)
North Texas
Gamma Psi Chapter (8)
Aaron P. Gross (5)
Onuka Ibe (8)
Truman State (MO)
Steven J. Lambros (8)
St. Cloud State (MN)
James F. Pendergrass (33)
Southern Mississippi
John W. Powell (17)
Kevin W. and Kelly J. Rabin (17)
Seattle-Pacific/Drake (IA)
Clifford P. Reilly (12)
Central Missouri
Laurie Gail Senko (9)
Arizona State
Vincent C. and Sandra L. Shoemaker (18)
Northern Colorado/Missouri State
Patricia A. Smith (10)
Akron (OH)
Michael S. Southard (5)
Tampa (FL)
Charles A. Weening (6)
Saint Peter's (NJ)